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Saturday, September 29, 2012

What Film Means To Me--My interview with Producer, Director Jason C. Bair

As many of you know, if you've read my posts on movies, there's nothing more important to me than movies. They are an escape from the real world, that can make you laugh, cry, get angry, or feel you can be anyone you want to be, during your time at that movie.

And, in my opinion, a great producer's movie can make your heart beat faster and make you associate, fall in love with these characters. So much so, that you can even understand why someone stole, killed, or became the person that they did.

And with movies being cranked out so fast, now days, sometimes a producers heart and soul have to be left out of the equation.  But I've had the honor, recently, of interviewing a producer who has put his heart, soul and love into his movie. That producer, is my friend, Producer, Director, Jason C. Bair, whose film www.decisionsthefilm.com is currently in the crowd funding campaign stage at: http://indiegogo.com/projects/228502?key=3f7b94 

I hope you enjoy my interview with Jason C. Bair and what made him decide to go into film making. I've also decided, instead of summarizing, to put Jason's exact answers to each of my questions. I felt, in this way, you would get the full impact of his heart felt answers. Enjoy.
  • Jason, what drew you to the film industry? 
 When I was younger, watching films, MTV, anything having to do with entertainment, I knew (at an early age) that this is what I wanted to do, which (in some way shape or form) was to be involved within this industry. 
I had such a love for music and film, however my path to get to where I'm at today, was one that was very different (I'm sure) then the average individual. I partied a lot! LOL. I lived my life as a kid, teenager, young adult, etc. and I regret nothing. All my experiences molded me into the individual I am today. I wasn't the type of kid that went to acting classes, vocal classes, etc. What I mean is that I didn't get started at an early age within this industry, like most kids do. Granted, when I attended College I received a B.A. in Communications with a focus in screenwriting; and most of my classes were related to film, television, radio, and music. However I attribute my LIFE experiences with people , places, and the things I've witnessed, to much of my success because it helped me to network and "grind" my way to receive everything I've ever had.
I hustled in NYC and landed jobs at TVT records and Murder Inc. Records; I later landed a senior writers position on the CBS NY Broadcasted television show, La Nueva Estrella Awards; not to mention the endless contacts and relationships I've established along the way. Throughout that time I was writing my first screenplay entitled Decisions.
As I got older I realized I wanted more security in my life and, in this industry it's very hard to accomplish that, so I made the decision to stop chasing job after job in the entertainment industry... I decided to get a "regular 9 to 5" and focus solely on my passion and my dream which is completing my script Decisions (which I did) and to continue to work hard to bring my vision to fruition on the big screen.... AND WHERE'RE ALMOST THERE!
  • Do you have any favorite films or producers you use as role models? -
This is a great question. There are many people within this industry whom I respect, as well as enjoy there work; but the one individual that comes to my mind is Christopher Nolan. If I had an idol in the film industry, I would have to say it's Christopher Nolan. I truly believe he's a genius. From Memento, to the Batman Trilogy, to Inception, etc. Everything he touches he turns into Gold. He challenges your mind... puts together intellectual entertaining films. He surrounds himself with talented people such as himself and I truly believe he brings the best work out of any individual (Actor or Crew) who works on his projects. Hands down Christopher Nolan. 
  • If you could do it over, would you still pick the film industry or another field?
Without any doubt in my mind, Yes I would  still pick the film/entertainment industry. It's my passion. I'm about to tell you a true story.
The first day we went "live" and filmed the first episode of La Nueva Estrella, I woke up at 5 a.m... got to work at 7 a.m.... worked straight until 1 a.m. the next day... and the first thing I said, to myself was, "damn? the day's already over?".. LOL! Not, "OMG I'm so tired" or "I can't wait to get some sleep"... I wanted to stay and continue working.
My point is, this industry is my passion. When you're passionate about something, nothing else matters. I love this and I hope one day I can become successful and do this full-time. 
  • What advice would you share with new or struggling producers, directors and screenwriters in the world--of film--that is so hard to break into?
Another great question. Honestly, I would simply say, don't ever give up or get discouraged. This is a cut throat NASTY industry. You need to have crocodile skin to survive; you'll get turned down, people will tear you apart... but what do you do when you fall? You get up. If you can't take rejection or criticism, you're in the wrong field. I've had my script critiqued and ripped apart by reputable production company's such as HBO; I've received great comments on my project by companies such as Cheetah Visions and Miramax films, but, at the end, they all declined on producing my film. I've cried many nights over this. However, the next day I picked myself up, continued to learn... continued to push myself... continued to blueprint my plan for success.. and I WILL never stop until I accomplish my goal. You need this type of attitude to survive in this field.
Also, continue to educate yourself, not only on your craft, but the business behind our business. Learn any, and everything little thing, their is to know about the film industry; your craft, how films are made, etc. It helps to be educated in every aspect of this industry, from my own experiences.  
  • Finally,what is the most important thing you hope to achieve now, and in your lifetime as far as film making goes?
What I hope to achieve? What I hope to achieve is sitting in a seat at a film festival or movie premiere and seeing my film, Decisions, on the big screen. I also hope I can make a little money off this (I can't lie). LOL.
But seriously, I think at that moment, I'll say to myself... I did it. That's something nobody can take away from me; I made my movie.
I don't want to think about success, or another film project, or the possibility about launching a great career from the success of this film; their are so many avenues that could occur, but the most important thing to me is to create my vision for the world to see. If I do that, I'll truly feel a sense of accomplishment. 
                                                  *End Of Questions*

I truly enjoyed my interview with Producer Jason C. Bair. He reminds us, with his heart felt answers, just how important movies and creativity are, and how that important factor, can bring great movies our way. Let's please support Jason as he goes on this journey. Please tell family, friends, fellow moviegoers about Jason's film at: www.decisionsthefilm.com and please help support his crowd funding campaign at:  http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/228502?key=3f7b94