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Monday, March 26, 2012

For Genna

She had a cute little under bite, and sometimes I swear she'd smile, when given a dog treat. And I found it endearing when she acted shy--placing her paws on top of her head--as if to say, I'm so ashamed. She could be stubborn though-- for a little terrier-- and it was easy to envision the indifferent flick of a cat's tail, when she ignored a whistle and simply walked away. Yet, she was a constant companion, who followed us around the yard, chasing my daughter on whatever adventure she was on. So, it was with great sorrow, that I learned my dog, Genna, passed on today.

So today's blog is dedicated to my pet Genna, and a big thank you, to her. This is also an acknowledgement to other great dogs out there, for each dog, in whatever way they're there for us, show: unconditional love, loyalty, and an eager need to please, and give companionship that lasts until their dying breath.

I tried to decide what other kind of dogs to talk about, but I had such a hard time deciding, as there are so many great dogs out there. So I narrowed it down to just four types of dogs, that have helped us, in some way, throughout history. First, I think I'll mention the dog that would have helped my mom so much--if we could have afforded it-- as she lost her independence, two years before her death, due to blindness.

This, first dog--so helpful to man-- is a Seeing Eye, or Guide Dog. http://www.seeingeye.org/ .  So often, since moms death, I've observed the guide dogs and have seen their kindness, calmness, and have been comforted by their unending concern for the visually impaired person they're helping. And I know, such a gentle dog would have been so much comfort to my mom.

Second, I want to mention some dogs I saw on  a TV, awhile back. The dogs really touched my heart. They were, Australian Shepherds--or working dogs--who demonstrated great loyalty, patience, and persistence.  www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Working_dog . I've rarely seen dogs as loyal as these dogs can be. They risk their own lives, to guard and protect the livestock, of their owners.

Next, these wonderful dogs helped during the war: History: The Dogs Of War. www.vetmed.ucdavis.edu/ccab/war.html . These brave dogs--like the K-9 units of the police--work alongside man, putting their lives on the line, in the call of duty,and as such should be celebrated, and honored for the dedication they give to their jobs.

And this last site-- from it's first paragraph-- showed what was most important about our dogs--before anything else, they are first, and foremost, our friends. In this way, my friend Genna, through her love, showed me how to give unconditional love. This site: What our pets teach us--click link to dogs on left side-- is: www.thepetwiki.com/wiki/What_Pets_Can  shows a history of what dogs have meant to us, and how they've always been by our side, in some way.

But now, it's time to say my final goodbye to Genna. I acknowledge that my life will never be the same. For the loss of Genna, as with my other pets, over the years, is a pain, that's never forgotten. A tiny missing limb, that will never grow back. May Genna know, in some way, how much I loved her. For a little piece of my heart is gone, and will never be replaced.


  1. What a nice post about dogs. Sorry to hear about the loss of your sweet Genna. Our dogs grow old before we do and it's so hard when they're gone.

  2. Hey Teri,

    Thank you very much. She had such a big personality for a small dog, and she will be truly missed.

    I agree, they do grow old way too fast. And then we have to face the heartbreak of things they must face in old age: problems chewing, walking, seeing, even getting up the enthusiasm to follow us around.