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Monday, January 10, 2011

Nothing Lasts Forever

I was on the main drag-of an area filled with restaurants along that road-awhile back, and I saw something that made me smile as I was getting ready to pull out of a Wendy's.  There was an elderly man-back bent with age-who slowly trudged around to his wife's side of the car, and then he slowly opened the door for her.  First of all, today, you don't often see anyone opening doors for their other half- so that caught my attention- but also his endless patience and obvious love for her, well that almost brought tears to my eyes.

So when you see things like this,and know it does exist,- that eternal love, that lasting love-why then do people always say nothing lasts forever?  Why then do marriages not last longer?  My mom always said "Marriage is like a garden, and you have to keep pulling the weeds."  But what if there are so many weeds you can't see where your walking anymore?  What if the weeds are gone but you don't see your other half anymore once the weeds are cleared?

So what's the secret to marriages that last as long as the one I saw that day?  Where you make it to old age and your backs bent over, but in your eyes, that man or woman is as beautiful as the first day you met them?  What makes that old heart sing when the beats are slower now, but your love makes that heart beat as sure and strong as it had when you were younger?

Everything would have to go back I guess- to the moment you first met.  That first time your eyes connected and you said to yourself wow! would you look at that?  That first time you wanted to race to that person, get him or her before someone else did. 

And when you got married you couldn't wait for the end of the day to see them again.  Having to tell them bye each morning was like taking your heart out of your chest and sending it off with them each day.  You think I'm kidding, I'm sure, but in a way -literally- I felt that when I first got married.  I've still got that crazy, wild beating heart, it's just calmed now with life, a wee one, school and the responsibilities that come along in life.

I've heard, from family, that in time that crazy love goes away, that in time we-spouses, etc. become more like good friends.  But do I want to be just good friends?  Don't I want to have that strong bond, that love eternal-racing heart in tow-like that elderly couple I saw that day?  Yes, friendships good, but it's the racing heart that I want, that trapped beast, that's like a lions roar,one that states this is love! 

So is it true that nothing is everlasting?  Maybe some things.  But true love, strong love, now that is eternal, that is everlasting.


  1. Oh i love this story, I never heard of it this way pulling the weeds, but that sure is true.No you dont see to many guys opend doors anymore. But i believe you have to have God in those weeds too to give us strength to go on ive been married 30 years and god has been the biggest part of it all

  2. You are so right. Without God in everything we do in life, all we try is doomed. I do think mom probably meant it as we had to keep faithfully working on the marriage through thick and thin you know?

    She followed this belief and loved and hugged and cherished my dad until the day she died.

    So love everlasting is something I think anyone can hope to have in their own lifetimes.

    I am so happy that God has lead the way in your marriage too. I know that you will have peace and love in your marriage always too. :-)