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Friday, January 7, 2011

Family Dynamics

I tried to think if dynamics was the word I wanted to use for what I thought about my family and the things we've been going through lately.  Dynamics actually means-energetic, active, potent, powerful, lively, spirited-among other things and I thought, yes, this is what I want to use.

Because the family, is the lively, spirited part of us that keeps us going in times of sorrow, they are there for guidance and support and to love us in all that we go through in life.  Like that movie "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly". They see us when we smile, laugh and cry.  They are there when we act up, go through our rebellious years, and the years when we -for whatever reason- think we are fine if they are not ever-present in our lives.

I've often wondered-as our family is a small unit-what it's like to have a big family?  One where they have big gatherings every year and family comes from hours away, to play games, eat a family feast, and laugh and chat about things that have happened- since they last saw each other.

I've never had that.  So I am often curious about that.  We had the big Thanksgiving dinners but with time people passed away, got divorced until our unit became small-about 15 people for Thanksgiving dinners each year.  And now with the passing of my mom, one less.

So I guess- in a way- I wonder how can there can be unrest in a family, when family is so important?  What happens where families fall apart?  What happens where a person feels so alone that he or she cannot turn to their family for help in times of need?  Of course I do understand all families are not close for whatever reason.  And that being the case, maybe a member of the family -that's maybe drifted away- might feel they cannot come back into the fold- if they need help.

So all my thoughts come back round to the same thing after thinking about this a bit.  Families, big, small, or hardly there at all are all just as important.  For each family member is the glue that keeps the family unit together. We need that family dynamic like we need the air to breath, the water to drink, and sleep to be restored.  So go hug a family member today for they are-one could say-our energy, our power and our spirit.

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