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Monday, February 14, 2011

Depends On How You See It

Playful ribbons entangle her fingers and fragrant flowers engulf her in a wave of love.  Crystal drops splash down her face, but radiant smiles deny that she feels any sadness.  Hugs make me feel I've given a ticket to the lottery, though they were but mere flowers.  "Don't give me flowers when I'm gone, give them to me now when I can enjoy them." whispers to me from the past.  I smile-at these memories- as I place a glass vase of roses at the headstone of my mom's grave today. 

She can no longer smile, she can no longer show me the love she felt, but her love lives on in my heart, in my memories.  Today, over four months since mom died, and I can only leave a symbol of my love, for nothing else can be done.  But I know if she's looking down on me, mom's smiling.   For Valentine's Day-the day of love and being loved- meant so much to her.

There are many forms of love, a mom's love, a child's love, love between husband and wife, to girlfriend and boyfriend.  But which love is greater?  Is there such a thing as a greater love?  I guess that depends on how you see it. 

Are you a mom who loves your children more than anything?  Then that love started before they were born, growing greater as the years go by, and you'd do anything to bring them happiness. And heaven help the person that tried to harm our kids, for a mommy bear coudn't match the protective anger we'd show.

How about the love a child feels for their mom?  That starts from the first time a baby tracks their mom with their eyes and continues even as they grow older and start forming their own brand of independence.  Even as a child will say "No I don't want to hold your hand" they will also look back to see if your following.  They will always turn to you for answers, and you will always hold a special place in their heart, even when they move on and have a family of their own.

The husband and wife- if it is the marriage of a lifetime- look too, to each other for everything.  They share special looks, thoughts, complete each other sentences, and if one passes before the other, they spend those last few years lost, for it is impossible to function without ones' other half.  For that half-is an extension of themselves, and without that other half, they, like most things in nature, whither away and eventually die.

Then lastly, we have the boyfriend and girlfriend.  Is there anything more special than first love?  That love where you feel like crying when they go home. When you count the seconds until you see them again. That torment, that tiny form of dying, if they move on and meet someone new? This is probably-first love-the most wonderful, exciting and yet painful, if things go wrong.

 So is any one love more important than the other?  One more special than the other?  Again, I guess that depends on how you see it. But all love, all expressions are just as important and true love is how we each see it and that's all that matters.

So in conclusion love your family, and those that are special- for each person- is a memory for our hearts and these memories will last a lifetime.  And they're memories that can never, ever be taken for granted.

 I nod -at these last thoughts- and turn to leave mom's headstone to go home.  I can still see her smiling face, her fingers tangled in the ribbon, and her head bent over the roses. It's not enough but it's what I have.

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