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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Conqueror Of Lands

From the beginning of time man's explored vast lands filled with untold riches.  Exotic forests with wild animals in every imaginable color of the rainbow.  Gurgling streams to roaring rapids with waterfalls dropping off in a wild spray of beauty and death, to the unwary.  It was then that this thirst came upon man, mouth watering and yet dry as dust.  This was man's first glimpse into lands of untold riches,and his endless struggle with land, power, and untold wealth was born. He became the conqueror of lands.

Who can say when this first started ,but man's need to explore probably came about in a need to find food to feed his family and to survive.  It was then -as time progressed- that man first discovered power in the form of land.  Through time man learned to feed his livestock and roamed -in the land of plenty- to feed his animals. From there good intentions turned to greed, and greed to wars for more wealth and power.

Much has changed since pre-historic man raised his club or grunted for all his needs to be met, but man still has that need to explore, to acquire more land, to find untold riches.This drive was necessary in man, for without that drive, lands would not have been discovered, wealth wouln't have been found, and we probably wouldn't be as advanced as we are today -either.

So even though this drive, this need to explore and own things has caused the deaths of many, it was a necessary evil. Through man's drive-to be the conqueror of lands- we have many of the things we have today from medicines, to the very trees that built our homes.  Modern man, docile on the outside, but ever the conqueror of lands, on the inside.

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