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I'm a SAHM who began writing, and not just thinking about it, in 2010. I thought graphic design was my future, but was surprised to learn that screenwriting was in my blood. I'm excited to say my first feature length is now being considered for optioning. Life's crazy sometimes, huh? :-)

What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas

Many times I've heard the expression "What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas" and I got to thinking about that again, after hearing the expression on one of my t.v. shows the other night.  So, how exactly is this expression meant to be taken?  Does this give us the right to cheat on our spouses in Vegas- with wild abandon? And of course on the footsteps of these thoughts were that "What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas" can happen anywhere, in Anywhere, U.S.A..

So what keeps us safe from the crazy things that seem to happen with wild abandon in Anywhere, U.S.A.?  Nothing, if you do this alone, but God will keep us in the straight and narrow, in all that we deal with from the flirty neighbor, and people we encounter, to the temptations of T.V., billboards, movies and magazines that tout the horn to glamour and sex, and money that will make our every dream come true.

So our young and old alike, from all walks of life are exposed to all the riches the world has to offer and if we are simple, happy with all that's already been given to us, then the temptation will not be strong, but, if all the riches in the world are what makes our mouths water, makes us long endlessly for what we don't have, then that temptation may take us to our "own Vegas" in Anywhere, U.S.A..  

So basically, the fight to live right, to keep ourselves strong-not weak- is always present, and the whisper of the demon gods of richness, sex and power are a nagging buzz when life is at the lowest; but being moral and keeping the mental picture of our loved ones in our heads-will be the guiding light that shows us the way we need to go. 

So even though I truly feel "What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas" can be in Anywhere, U.S.A. I do believe that we can overcome that through the power of changing our own world, even though we cannot change what goes on around us.  Each person must fight that strong temptation on their own and nothing can change that.  But we can, ourselves, remain the same, untouched by the temptations around us.  It is our strength, it is our very will.

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