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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Blogging originated, according to a search, around 1997 or 1999. It started as a way for people to express themselves using personal journaling or an online diary. http://hyku.com/   People, through these personal diaries, expressed themselves, however they felt, each day, in sometimes very personal ways. And in doing this, sometimes, opened themselves up to very thoughtless comments.

I got to thinking about, just how personal blogs can be, after visiting a fellow bloggers site.  She told of a very personal and private moment on her online blog. She'd had a Colonic done,- http://www.colonhealth.net/ - and told of her experiences, and how this helped her feel better, along with a few pictures. Instead of a thanks for sharing this, she got,"why did you take those pics, you look old" and "you look bald in that pic", as part of her readers comments.

So even though blogging did start and continues to be very personal journaling experiences, now days, blogging offers so much more- to online readers. Some of the blogs include art blogs http://artblog.net/, personal blogs, http://willysr.blogspot.com/  and genre blogs, http://www.networkedblogs.com/ just to name a few-of the many-that can now be found in cyberspace.

These blogs are fun, helpful,tongue-in-cheek, and sassy, even when being really informative or technical.  Feelings are strong about products, technology and every day life. Vibrant words that can change a person's day, make them smile and bookmark a site for many return visits.

Some may see blogging sites and think "Bloggity, Blog, Blog, "What's all the fuss?",but blogging is really a great and  powerful tool.  It can be used in so many ways, and always the heart is there, used to bring us a visual picture, as if we were actually there.

So to this lady- whose site I visited-who had the thoughtless comments posted-and to other bloggers -out there- keep up the great work.  Blogging is still a personal diary online, but now, in the years since blogging started, it's become so much more.

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