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I'm a SAHM who began writing, and not just thinking about it, in 2010. I thought graphic design was my future, but was surprised to learn that screenwriting was in my blood. I'm excited to say my first feature length is now being considered for optioning. Life's crazy sometimes, huh? :-)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dreams For New Year

I took my daughter to see Yogi Bear yesterday and it was the funniest movie I've seen in awhile.  I really enjoyed the humor, the colors and how real Yogi and Boo-Boo seemed to be even though I knew they weren't.

I think that this was a very good ending to a year that has been really bad for me.  It ended with laughter, friendship and the hope for a new and better year.  So last night and today I will allow the end of all bad thoughts and feelings and I will enter into my mind thoughts of new ideas, new dreams, things that I hope to achieve this year.

I hope to finish my graphic design assoc. degree program, I hope to see my daughter excel in her studies for this year, I hope to sell at least five articles this year-will accept more on this of course-and I hope to show all my friends that they are truly appreciated.

What are your hopes, your dreams, your goals for this year?

Please feel free to leave your thoughts on here if you'd like to.

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