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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Could It Have Been Any Worse............

Profanity such as, "balls", "damn", and "shit", riddled the dialogue, of this terrible movie I went to see the other day, called The Green Hornet. This travesty, will be a living nightmare for me always.  This was one of the worst jokes, that I won't ever consider a "movie", and it's something that should never have been made in the first place.

The original Green Hornet starred Bruce Lee, and in my memories, it didn't in any way resemble the mess I saw the other day.  Not only were imagination and thought left out of the writing, but the acting was terrible too.  The martial arts action -performed by Cato- was the only thing worth watching, but even his mouth needed to be put in the washing machine.

Don't get me wrong-sadly in this day and age-I am very well aware that cussing is the norm for everything from cartoons, to comedies on t.v., to movies with action, or action suspense, but the non-stop cussing with every beat of their heart-in the Green Hornet-well that was just pure stupid, and I'm pretty sure I've seen rated R movies with less cussing.

I grew up in a very strict household and my mom and dad were very particular about what movies we could see, so when I took dad to see this movie, it was in hopes that he would really enjoy it.  I came out of the movies feeling terrible and I know movies won't be something that he and I do as a family together, again.

I seriously doubt I'll go to many movies myself -no matter how much someone wants to see it-if I don't check the viewer's comments again,before going. And this is something I really hate for I'm an avid moviegoer.  I think people will be more cautious about movie going -as time goes on- and this will cause the movie industry to take a big hit in their pockets, if things don't improve, for I know many people who are disgusted with the way movies are going too.

So could it have been any worse? Well if I had seen previews for a whole year of similar movies then I guess I would have felt even worse.  But I still think there is hope for moviegoers.  If we let our voices be heard, as in saying, "Give me quality, action and leave out the junk.", I think movie writers will listen.  For without moviegoers there would be no movies.


  1. Hey!

    I also saw this movie and was far from impressed. Usually, I check a site called www.commonsensemedia.org to get the run down on a movie/DVD/Book before I see it; it spells everyting out so there are no surprises.

  2. Hey,

    Thank you so much for the site commonsensemedia. I will definitely bookmark this site.

    The sad thing is, I wanted so much for this to be bonding time for my dad, daughter and I,especially since mom passed away last year, but boy was I wrong.