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Monday, February 28, 2011

Change That Can Help

The wind sighs through the trees, gray clouds ride on the tail of a storm front.  I sit here now, cozy, feet up, watching the cursor blink happily from my laptop.  As I sit listening to hail plonking down on my roof, I think of what others might not have.  The homeless, shoulders hunched, heads uncovered, hair flapping in wild abandon, eyes watching the ground as one step turns into millions that last a lifetime. Their chances in life are slim, as they are seldom seen- often the forgotten.

What's to become of this world in the near future?  People are without jobs, without money to pay the bills. Just how far are each of us from someone coming to repo our car in the middle of the night?  How far away are we -like in Happy Gilmore- from someone coming to take away our grandma's home? Or even our own home?  We can't afford to think that won't happen to us because each of us, could lose our job, or succumb to health issues.  We are all one step away-if bad luck strikes-from being homeless ourselves.

A person down on their luck -most times- can't get back on their feet either.  If you don't have a home address how can you get a job?  How can you get a driver's license, or a car for that matter?  How can one even dream of owning a home?  The tired old feet-of the homeless- would have to do, and heaven forbid if you have problems with your feet.

So where does that leave us, as a society, that's prided itself always on helping others and many times overlooking the needs of our own poor and homeless?  It leaves us in bad trouble and in desperate need of change.  Change that can help us as a nation.  Change that can somehow help the very people we see in trouble around us.  Change that can give the homeless a home.  Change that can give hope to the hopeless, and hope to someone that could very well -someday- be one of us.

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