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Monday, February 7, 2011

It's Called Love

The other day I put my daughter in her car seat so that we could head to art class and  I got such a feeling of love, that it made me grin.  The maternal instinct is strong, stronger than any steel.  It is the supreme power, of a mere mortal, the mom.  I remember years ago my mom told me"I love you all-her kids-in a different way from your dad."  Before I had my daughter -this unknown- this comment left me scratching my head.

But I learned, in time, that the love you feel for your child starts from the time they are but a thought, not yet a being.  We feel that love from the time the concept is born in our minds.  With the growing of that thought, a tickle forms in our stomach, an unknown ache forms in our heart, and we smile at all we see around us.  This in a sense, is the beginning of motherhood.

A test at the doctor-or in my case, a pregnancy test-starts a strong bonding of love, that will last a lifetime.  I rubbed my stomach, and talked to my daughter and listened to music, through my entire pregnancy.  We-my unborn daughter and I-shopped for baby clothes, bought her baby crib, and oohed and ahhed the many items that would eventually fill the little one's room.  This was- the unknown to me, the dance of love- that my mom had told me about, so many years ago.

I can almost hear my mom now, she would have said, "It's Called Love".  It's this driving force that's motivated all that I've done-since my daughter was but a thought in my mind-over nine years ago.  We've gone through sickness-vomiting, diarrhea, burning fever, struggles to eat food, struggles to take medicine, to cut fingernails, to be polite, and each day I'd do it all again, for my goal is for my daughter to be healthy, safe, happy and to enjoy all that God has planned for her life.

Many years ago, my mom told me, that before my twin brother and I were born a bright light appeared outside her bedroom window, she then heard a voice say "You will keep the girl".  My mom never doubted for one minute that this wasn't an angel and she always had faith that I would live. My mom's faith and love in me continued- up until the day she died.

I feel this same faith today, as mom had for me, for I know that God has much in store for my daughter. I feel that same maternal instinct-love strong as steel-which will continue, as moms did for me, until the day I die. I think that love can squeeze our heart -so hard sometimes, that it almost hurts- and as I sit here now I can almost hear my mom's angelic voice whispering...."It's Called Love."

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