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Friday, April 13, 2012

From Dusk To Dawn

When I was young, my mom and I began a new tradition. We started going to see horror movies--at a now defunct drive in--behind my then, childhood home. They called this night, of horror movies, "From Dusk To Dawn". It began, right at twilight, and ended at 4:00 a.m., in the morning. We'd be sitting there, cringing, but loving every minute of it. And to this day, I still love horror movies. Not so much the gore, but the ones with suspense, that make you hold your breath, and then jump right along with the actors, as they head towards something you know is going to get them. Or maybe, they're spared, just to get it in the end,as something grabs them from behind a wall, in the closet,or in the inevitable spooky forest.

Of course, those days are long gone now. Movie drive ins are rare as hens teeth and my mom is no longer here to enjoy those movies, but I've started a new tradition with my own daughter. Not the Dusk to Dawn--horror watching tradition-- as she's only ten, but a tradition we call, "Movie Night." We have these every time hubby goes out of town, or works late. So, it really helped my budget and "Movie Night", when Walmart started coming out with their 4, 5, or 6 movies on one DVD. These movie packs range anywhere from my favorite, $5.00, to $7.50, and higher.

So now, with these affordable DVDs out, there's no reason not to have more, "Movie Nights." I can sit back, on our "Movie Nights" and watch those suspenseful, horror movies. Of course, earlier horror movies, may not have the graphics of today, and can look sort of fake, but if they are suspenseful, and have a good storyline, it is still worth the $5.00, I paid.  And if the DVD is not good, say all the movies are bad, no problem. I give them to the goodwill or a friend that wants them, and they are used again. Even if all the movies on the DVD weren't good, where else can one get six movies, to watch, for only $5.00?

I really wish that the drive in was still there, so that my daughter and I could watch the"From Dusk to Dawn" movies, someday, but I'm very happy that we have "Movie night". Sometimes, our, "Movie Night", begins with Ninjago and Sci-Fi, but not long after that, she's off to watch things with unicorns, and fantastical worlds,and I'm off to watch a horror movie. So, after a quick preview of my DVDs, tonight's horror movie will come from the: "Deadly Games" DVD collection. And, as the movie progresses, I will jump, as the dark shadows close in, and I'll know the horror has truly begun.

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