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Thursday, March 15, 2012

John Carter--Of Mars

I've been a huge fan of movies since I was a teen--so I guess you could say I'm a connoisseur of movies. I’ve seen all genres of movies, watching even the worst one’s to their tortuous end. And I think, of all the movies I've seen, John Carter Of Mars http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0401729/  is one of my all time favorite movies.

John Carter--Of Mars-- played by actor Taylor Kitsch was a fast paced movie with inner conflict for several of the characters. You had John Carter--whose past was shown in flashback-- showing bits of sorrow that left him unwilling to help others. You also had actress Lynn Collins--playing Dejah Thoris, Princess of Helium and her need to save her people. And we had the struggle of actor Willem Dafoe's character--Tars Tarkas, and his fight to remain leader of his green, four armed humanoid race, as well as keeping his headstrong daughter, played by Samantha Morton--as Sola, safe.

I had planned on writing more about this, but I decided to tell the reasons I loved the movie, and let the movie trailer speak of it's merits too, after seeing the movie shredded by movie critics. They found problems with everything from: the characters' wardrobe, to Edward Rice Burroughs' dialogue being all over the place, to them--actors/actresses, etc.-- wanting us to believe that the things in the movie could really happen, as something to find fault with.

This I had a hard time understanding. First off, fiction is after all fiction. Why could this movie, like any other fictional movie, not be seen for it's entertainment value? And why was the fact--their opinions-- that it was not believable, important?  Are not all movies far-fetched? Or TV? The point is, we watch them for their pure entertainment, first and foremost.  And as such, it delivered. It entertained, it took away from our problems and gave us an enjoyable escape, as it were, for awhile. And it had all the important ingredients a movie needs: action, a hero, a love story, and an ending with a twist, giving us all the qualities of good fictional entertainment.

I think any movie, should be seen for the value that it has. That value, is that, for a moment, we live in another world besides our own. Where we can leave our problems behind; be rich, be a spy, or ride horses along the beach with our true love beside us. So not only was this a great movie with awesome 3D effects and action, it also took us to a wonderful world, where we dreamed, left our worldly problems behind, and entered the land of entertainment.

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