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Sunday, June 12, 2011

One Mans Junk.......

Sometimes, even the birds wouldn't be tweeting when I'd push open the door and face another "barely light", Saturday morning.  It'd be hot, with the promise of hotter, and yet mom would smile liked the grandest adventure awaited me.  In my child's mind-at that time-, it didn't, in mom's mind it did.  A folded up newspaper,- gripped tightly in her hand- would show the yard sale section, highlighted and  hastily circled-many times-, giving directions to yard sales http://www.theonlineyardsale.com/  near and far.

I did not have the craving, for these "yard sales" yet and I did not understand the need to rush from place to place.  The need to make it to the next place before someone got the "good stuff".  Of course, mom would come back -many times- with only books, little nick knacks, and such- but I, did not see it's value.  I did not understand the expression, "One man's junk, is another man's treasure."

Of course, as things turned out, since my long ago youth, I'm sentimental about all things book like, tiny nick knacks,and well okay, just plain "cute stuff".  I realize now I did learn something valuable form mom -on those  hectic yard sale trips-long ago.  I learned that treasure, cheap, expensive, small, big, cute or not is what's seen in each person's eyes.  That makes it treasure.  That makes it a keepsake.  If it makes my heart-as did mom's- pitter patter, then it was and is a treasure worth keeping.

It's been years, since I've gone to yard sales, and mornings aren't spent listening to the early morning tweeter of birds, but fixing my husband's lunch and writing, emailing- at the computer.  But somethings happened recently, I was not aware of.  My mom's love of yard sales, skipped me, and hopped into the imagination of my daughter.  My daughter, now sees a fascination in yard sales and has asked if we can go.

A happiness-oddly, maybe- fills me at the thought of doing this.  Again, as when I was little, the paper will be whipped out.  Hastily circled addresses will be read.  Big yard sales, family yard sales, church yard sales, rich section, must go to yard sales, they're all there for the taking.  The hunt, the search for-"must have items"- is upon me. A tradition, long forgotten, is about to start again.  I look forward to it.  Maybe not the being up before the birds get to tweeting, but the hunt for treasure.  http://www.yardsalequeen.com/

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