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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Phishing Alert-Scams of 2011

I found myself the recipient, after checking my email this morning, of yet another scam. This time, supposedly from the BBB of Virginia. Which, of course, was untrue.This email scammer used something they call phishing to send out alarming, but false emails, using a company name and logo. So just for my own knowledge, about the current email scams concerning the BBB I did a search and found this link www.bbb.org/blog/2011/11/alert-phishing-scam-uses-bbb-name-and-logo .

I guess one's bound to get these emails, if you receive hundreds of emails, like I do, but it's pretty bad when you look at most emails-- suspiciously-- when your not sure of the sender or the subject line looks fishy. So I throw out all emails not clearly denoted, in subject line, and hopefully I've not thrown out an email from a friend who decided today to just put re: in the subject line. But with today's emails scams extreme caution is a necessary evil.

Since I know scammers, scam in many areas, including emails, I decided to see just what kind of scams people had come up with in 2011. Unfortunately, there were links to several scams. Some of these scams included: emails, Craigslist, online scams, tax scams, ACN scams, ATM scams and Norton Internet Security scams, just to name a few. If you'd like to find out more about this I've included a couple of links about some scams of 2011. They are: www.scambusters.org/top10scams2.html  and http://www.wptv.com/ (scams of 2011-search).

I hope this can be of use and helpful to you. And hopefully you can give a shout out, as I plan to, to friends, family, and associates and I'm sure they'll be appreciative, if they see this, especially if they were unaware of some of the scams playing out, not only in 2011, but continue to be a part of our everyday lives, now as well.

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