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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Making The New Years' Resolution--Possible

A New Years Resolution can be taken lightly or said with sincere dedication. But, sometimes these well intentioned resolutions fly out of our mouths faster than a rock from a slingshot. And these sincere resolutions, made on the spur of the moment, or to please someone else, often fail.

Maybe it's because I talk too much, but my resolutions always come flying out, and then it's too late to scoop my words back up. Most times, of course, I knew I wouldn't see that resolution come true, but it still made me happy to envision a new car, house, or a total redo of our cabinets and floors.

So, first make resolution for myself doable-- in 2013. My resolution list tends to be a little long, but that's okay for these are our resolutions after all. :-)

 1)Make sure my daughter and I have more fun time, less stress time. CHECK
2) make resolutions doable, not ridiculous dreams. CHECK..
 2) write an award winning book...dream? doable...well maybe..
 3)write three short stories that will do well this year. Yes, possible.. CHECK.
 4).Okay, lose some of this stubborn weight, all in a month. Okay impatient self, let's see...lose stubborn weight in say six months. Okay, doable, maybe...

I think that, "Making The New Years' Resolution--Possible" is something we can all stick to. And we can make that doable by making the resolution possible, not impossible. And make sure it's something, "WE"' really want in life, therefore we'll keep working on it throughout the year.

And I think--starting with this New Years Resolution-- not only should my New Years Resolution be possible, but something where I come FIRST, once in awhile. Not always, after the role of mother, wife, or daughter.

In conclusion, I think it's okay if we don't always keep our resolutions. If we break them, or even start them later in the year, as long as we keep trying. And acknowledge that even if a goal's not reached right away, it can always become a lifetime goal; something we will achieve, just not right this very moment.

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