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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Movie that rocks...........

Movies,now days, are like an old, but comfy pair of shoes. We sometimes get too used to their comfort and don't look for or expect anything different. Same faces-just new lines of dialogue and predictable scene endings.  So if your like me-an avid moviegoer- and want to see something new and different you'll enjoy the movie "Soul Surfer"  http://www.heartofasoulsurfer.com/ .

The vibrant beauty-in almost every scene-is unexpected, if the movie reviews are bypassed, by those that like movie surprises-such as myself -so the amazing colors, family closeness and the association you feel with actress AnnaSophia Robb's character- real life professional surfer Bethany Hamilton- will hit at the old heart strings right from the start.

You'll sympathize and feel the pain that actress AnnaSophia Robb portrays as -Bethany Hamilton's character- and you'll  journey along with her as she struggles to face life -as a surfer- after the loss of an arm due to a shark attack.

The scenes-throughout the movie- include colorful skies, coral reef,curled waves, and sparkling, sun kissed waters of blue and green. The views can only be described as, part of God's great beauty, for no artist could capture anything as awesome on canvas. You will feel the pull -even- to be a surfer as the competitions,which play throughout the movie, become really intense near the end.

Be sure to bring along some Kleenex, as it'll be hard to keep a dry eye through the entire movie. The families struggle, and the pain they feel for AnneSophia Robb's "Bethany Hamilton" is touching.  She must learn to face the possibility that surfing-which is her life-may not be a part of her life-anymore-after the loss of her arm. Her amazing courage and faith are without a doubt the reasons she has gone on to become a professional surfer today.

Soul surfer is one of the few movies, that anyone -as an avid movie goer- will enjoy from beginning to end. It'll be a movie great for any occasion: whether it be girls' night out, date night, family and kids night or even a night with just the old ball and chain.  Either way this "movie that rocks" will be enjoyed by all.

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