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Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Vow--So Much More Than A Movie

I went to see a movie yesterday that made me smile, cry, and really think about love, marriage and words of wisdom, from long ago. That movie was: The Vow, http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/sony_pictures/thevow/. I went to the movie with the notion that it might be good, but it was so much more than that. It  was a movie of commitment, belief and not giving up even when things looked hopeless. I will not ruin anything--for those that haven't seen this yet--only to say this movie affirms the concept of love, and that fairytale endings are possible.

It really made me think about my own marriage beliefs. These beliefs started with my moms own comments about marriage, years ago. I always thought (before I married) why did mom always go beyond the call of duty for dad? Why did she go see movies (she didn't like) over and over with dad? Why did she always look at him with such love? So one day I asked her and she said, "Marriage is sacred. It is something you always work at. It's like a garden, you always weed it and make the man feel like the king of the household." This and "Honey gets your more than vinegar," were her secrets to a good marriage.

But regardless of my rolling eyes, I was quick to use her words of wisdom in my own marriages. And even if that was not enough, in that first marriage, seeing the happiness mom and dad had was enough to ensure I carried these same beliefs into my marriage--now. So moms words of wisdom served me well as I've done a lot of weeding and cupcakes and I'm sorry have brought about smiles a lot faster than any anger or show of stubbornness ever could.

So Channing Tatum's character--Leo-- and the love and belief he showed his wife--Rachael McAdams character--Paige--is really touching. It spoke to my own heart, and how special I feel marriage is, never to be taken for granted. I've read some reviews where Channing Tatum's acting is seen as bland, corny and the movie--The Vow-- targets just young men and women.  But I disagree with this. I think this movie targets any age range, any person, that needs to believe in love and that love can overcome anything we face in life.

So I think this movie would be good for young couples, those with a few years under their marriage belts, and even teens hoping for that love everlasting--though not for young kids due to nudity, sexual content. I know my mom loved my dad--with all her heart--until the day she died.  And it is this kind of love--a love everlasting-- that this movie brings to light. It is this fairytale that we all hope to find in our lifetime.

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