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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Recent Scam.....New York Speeding Ticket

I usually hurry through to my email, because most days, I find myself the recipient of over 200 emails.  And it's usually pretty obvious, that it's junk mail, from the subject line. So even a hardened emailer like me must admit that my old ticker gave a start, when I saw that, not only had I been in New York, July 5th, of this year, which I hadn't been aware of, especially since I've never been to New York, but I had gotten a speeding ticket there, as well.

This email speeding ticket scam http://www.securitynewsdaily.com/ (New York Speeding Ticket Scam)evidently started making it's rounds in unsuspecting people's emails, a few days ago. And for just a minute,when seeing "uniform traffic ticket" in the subject line, I'm sure that it alarmed many other email recipients,as well. This of course, being just what the scammers wanted, but hopefully the recipients did not open the attachment which might have gotten them a malicious virus for their trouble.

Many would probably say just give the old junk mail a toss, but for unsuspecting souls, those not thinking and opening their email attachments, the scammers would surely win, as these viruses can and do effect many unsuspecting people.  So what can one do to protect themselves from scams? There are sites that offer advice such as http://www.scamwatch.gov.au/ , (How to Protect Yourself) and http://www.onguardonline.gov/ (Email Scams).

I'd like to think, scammers would have something better to do than send viruses to so many unsuspecting people, but that's just not the case. And there are many scam emails, such as the ones I've received like: I've just had thousands charged to my credit card: quick fix this! Or some dear person, just left me millions of dollars. Or, bless my soul, I've just received the winning lottery ticket number!  And open just one attachment in jubilation and pow! a possible virus on my computer.

Sadly, the scams will keep coming.  But since there is no letup on scams that leaves it to emailers, the unsuspecting victims, to take a more active roll in stopping this problem.  So if someone suddenly leaves an emailer millions, or if your credit cards been charged thousands, or recently, if emailers receive a speeding ticket from New York, please inform others of these scams.  It only takes a minute.  In this way, we can help thwart another scammer from achieving their goal of possibly spreading a virus to some unsuspecting person's computer.

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