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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Scare Factor

When I was little I was very scared of mice. So it didn't take much for the scare factor to appear and I'd  be screaming like the devil himself was after me.  Dad, of course, had no patience for this and my comforting words were in the shape of "Quit being silly."  Nothing could have stopped the screaming faster than daddy making me feel like a fool.

Years later, I can still laugh about that.  I don't feel so foolish anymore, though, since I started watching Billy The Exterminator http://www.billytheexterminator.com/ on the A & E channel. http://www.aetv.com/.  While his show tends to have an offbeat kind of humor, Billy does state on there, quite often, about the dangerous diseases and germs that mice and other vermin can carry.

I think it would be cool to have a show like that where one gets rid of pests good and bad.  Billy, many times, uses a natural oil product that does not harm humans, or pets, to kill wasps and other insect vermin.  If he takes a little pleasure in that sometimes, I think I would feel the same, if it were mice.

I think I would probably be doing good deeds myself, not in relocating the animals, but in getting rid of the germs they leave behind as I sort of have a phobia with germs. So if I were on Billy's show he would be taking the animals to a new location and I would be spraying and spraying to get rid of germs and help make the homes safe for home owners and their kids and pets.

So I guess one could ask, have I outgrown my fear of mice, the very real carriers of disease?  No I still don't like the suckers and I guess in my mind they all need to be exterminated.  Would I still scream if I saw one?  Yes, if he was crawling on me, or running around my feet.  How about if he was only close by? Only if he were like those giant rats on that pest control commercial.  The rats that are playing guitars and ask the homeowners why they came home early.

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